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5 Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

1) Water Resistant Touch Screen Keyboard 

This one is for people that love their sodas and keep spilling their favorite bubbly beverages on keyboards. But also, it's easy to disinfect for office workers during this time of COVID-19. The touch surface can be easily cleaned with some wipes. 

2) Water Proof Blue Tooth Speaker

These little doodads are epic boom boxes of the future. For the ones who love to sing in the shower or enjoy a tv show from the bubble bath, this is a great go-to gift. I have to say that after getting one as a gift myself, I love it! 

3) Solar Phone Chargers or Power Banks

With so much commotion in the world these days, it's not a bad idea to tuck one of these gadgets into your emergency backpack. In a situation without power, you can save the day and still be able to contact family and friends to let them know you're alright. 

4) Water Powered AC Unit

It's summer and it's HOT. The problem with most AC units is that they use a lot of electricity. But with a little water, this unit can cool down a room in minutes. Sit back and relax

5) Orbit Wheels 

It's sort of like turning your shoes into battery-powered roller skates. Great for city dwellers or university students because they fit nicely into a bag but save you energy on all the walking. 

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