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7 Amazing Tech Deals You Don't Want to Miss

 We all know that the cost of technology can come at a steep price tag, but what if it doesn't have to. 

1) Lavalier Microphone

A simple lavalier microphone is around 25 dollars currently on amazon. 

2) New iPhone 12 

T-mobile has a trade-in deal on the new iphone 12's that can get you around 200 dollars off the new iphone when trading in a 7 or newer. 

3) Nintendo Switch Bundles

These boxed bundles save you up to $60 when they come with a game. Some are even limited edition and will save you even more money. Around black Friday I have seen systems come down to around three hundred with lite systems at about two-hundred dollars. 

4) Samsung Galexy Note 20 

This phone model is still selling for around eight hundred dollars at around a hundred dollars off despite the fact that the prime day sales are past. 

5) LG Large Flat Screen TV's 

Target is currently running a sale on flat screen TV's that ranges up to twenty persent off or around three hundred dollars off some models. 

6) Amazon Echo Dot Speaker

Curently running at 30 dollars at about half off

7) 7inch Fire Tablet

at fifty dollars, this one is a great choice for a simple tablet for home, school, or work. 


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