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Augmented Reality Can Now Shape Your Remodel Projects!

 If you have never tried an augmented reality feature from Amazon or a big box furniture retailer, you are definitely missing out on this crazy cool technology. This is a tech trend with practical applications for your next remodeling project . Augmented reality lets you see how big a nice new couch is and how it will look in your space in your home theater. It's almost like having a hologram of the product you are looking to buy right out of the science fiction stories .  Did you know, however, that the Niantic-made Pokemon Go app was one of the first early adopters of augmented reality back in 2016? Augmented reality in this game was used to blend the pokemon creatures with the real world surroundings and has since made for some clever photographers and hobby enthusiasts.  What are some advantages to using augmented reality that you have seen businesses using? Let us know in the comments below! 
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7 Amazing Tech Deals You Don't Want to Miss

 We all know that the cost of technology can come at a steep price tag, but what if it doesn't have to.  1) Lavalier Microphone A simple lavalier microphone is around 25 dollars currently on amazon.  2) New iPhone 12  T-mobile has a trade-in deal on the new iphone 12's that can get you around 200 dollars off the new iphone when trading in a 7 or newer.  3) Nintendo Switch Bundles These boxed bundles save you up to $60 when they come with a game. Some are even limited edition and will save you even more money. Around black Friday I have seen systems come down to around three hundred with lite systems at about two-hundred dollars.  4) Samsung Galexy Note 20  This phone model is still selling for around eight hundred dollars at around a hundred dollars off despite the fact that the prime day sales are past.  5) LG Large Flat Screen TV's  Target is currently running a sale on flat screen TV's that ranges up to twenty persent off or around three hundred dollars off some mod

5 Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

1) Water Resistant Touch Screen Keyboard  This one is for people that love their sodas and keep spilling their favorite bubbly beverages on keyboards. But also, it's easy to disinfect for office workers during this time of COVID-19. The touch surface can be easily cleaned with some wipes.  2) Water Proof Blue Tooth Speaker These little doodads are epic boom boxes of the future. For the ones who love to sing in the shower or enjoy a tv show from the bubble bath, this is a great go-to gift. I have to say that after getting one as a gift myself, I love it!  3) Solar Phone Chargers or Power Banks With so much commotion in the world these days, it's not a bad idea to tuck one of these gadgets into your emergency backpack. In a situation without power, you can save the day and still be able to contact family and friends to let them know you're alright.  4) Water Powered AC Unit It's summer and it's HOT. The problem with most AC units is that they use a lot of electricity

High Tech Remodel Options

If you want to go high tech with your next remodel , here are a few ideas.  Consider solar power for your home and get clean energy. Perhaps a TV inside a mirror? Heated flooring anyone? Like yes to all of the above! I could go to a private hidden library too. One with secret passageways and all that sort of stuff. A comfy couch in front of the window to is my kind of perfect. Add a whole collection of audiobooks too and you have the perfect getaway for the introvert.    Lightbulbs that save energy to solar panels, there are a lot of fantastic inventions for saving energy and going green too. Green Thumb? Garden your way to delicious organic vegetables. How about a basement greenhouse or an indoor encloser for your favorite pet reptiles. Fiber optic internet connections are still high on a home buyers list. Espisaily for a home office, a wired internet connection is much faster than wifi. 

Relax with a Massage

Sit back, relax. Take good care of yourself. Get all those stressful pains away from you. It not only feels good for your body but it can also help your state of mentality. When everything hurts, massage can help you feel better. Why not treat yourself?  A massage chair really helps me when it all hurts like crazy. Pain sucks, but it sucks, even more, when it is difficult to get your mind off of it. Often, you need a bit of a distraction from it. Chiropractic services often recommend others to a massage therapist because it is good for you. 

Finding More Peace In the Home

The latest tech is a fantastic tool for finding more relaxation and organization for your life. Perhaps you just aren't too sure where to start on gaining a more peaceful home life because your kids are making your house into a war zone. But, if you are tired of rages, mouthing off, and cop calls, you are not alone in the struggle to parent extremely complicated kiddos with a history of childhood trauma. The good news is that there is help and hope ahead of you if you are willing to make the change for your life and for your family. Our buddies over at Serenity Links Coaching have found success in healing Mom first and taking a new approach to the world of parenting tough kids. Through the modern wonders of the internet and video conferencing, hope is also available for you.