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7 Amazing Tech Deals You Don't Want to Miss

 We all know that the cost of technology can come at a steep price tag, but what if it doesn't have to.  1) Lavalier Microphone A simple lavalier microphone is around 25 dollars currently on amazon.  2) New iPhone 12  T-mobile has a trade-in deal on the new iphone 12's that can get you around 200 dollars off the new iphone when trading in a 7 or newer.  3) Nintendo Switch Bundles These boxed bundles save you up to $60 when they come with a game. Some are even limited edition and will save you even more money. Around black Friday I have seen systems come down to around three hundred with lite systems at about two-hundred dollars.  4) Samsung Galexy Note 20  This phone model is still selling for around eight hundred dollars at around a hundred dollars off despite the fact that the prime day sales are past.  5) LG Large Flat Screen TV's  Target is currently running a sale on flat screen TV's that ranges up to twenty persent off or around three hundred dollars off some mod